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Recruitment Guide
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一、The resume delivery method:

1. The applicant directly submits the resume to the company's email address or directly through the website, or by telephone;
2. Please indicate the name of the e-mail as “Name-Applicable Post”. Please be sure to attach a photo when you submit your resume, otherwise you will not reply.
3, please be sure to indicate on the front page of the resume: the fastest entry time, the current monthly salary and the expected monthly salary and the source of recruitment information;
4. Mail that is not delivered in accordance with the above requirements will be considered as invalid mail. Please cooperate, thank you!


1. Please check the position, application requirements and conditions suitable for you in the job classification page, and apply for one position per person;

(If we feel that you are more suitable for other positions, we will do internal recommendations);
2. After receiving your information, we will check and contact as soon as possible; (If there is no interview notice within one week, it is temporarily inappropriate for the position and enter the company talent pool);
3. Applicants must keep their e-mail and mobile phone open. If you meet the requirements of our company, we will notify you of the interview arrangement by email, SMS or telephone.
4. We take care of each applicant's mail with a cautious attitude. Each email will be carefully checked, which will cause the mailbox to be blocked. Please do not repeat the delivery of the email. The duplicate email address will be deleted automatically.
5. All application materials are strictly confidential and will not be returned.

Special reminder:
If the applicant has hidden important facts, fraud, fraud, and other behaviors that do not meet the conditions of employment of our company during the recruitment process, our company has the right to reject the applicant at any time, resulting in the consequences. The applicant is responsible for it.



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