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Light box repair and maintenance

1. The operator must wear pure cotton white work gloves when disassembling the light box. Because there are oil, salt, acid, alkali and other ingredients in the sweat, it is corrosive. Sticking to stainless steel will slowly corrode the stainless steel surface, so that the stainless steel surface will slowly fade away and lose its original beauty:

2. When disassembling the outer frame of the light box, it must be handled gently, no collision and distortion, and the outer frame should be placed on the ground;

3. Unplug the plug, disconnect the power supply (do not use the leakage protector as a power switch), and then check the original electrical components (disabled for live operation); require careful inspection during inspection, such as power cord entry hole, ballast input , output terminals, wires on the lamp holder, etc.;

4, the size of the light box must be consistent with the size of the light guide plate, not too large or too small, so as not to affect the display effect and heat dissipation inside the light box;

5. When installing the outer frame of the light box, take it lightly, flatten it, and hang it flat, then close the lower part of the light box and fix it with a hexagon socket screw;

6. Then check whether the power cord on the upper part of the light box is in the slot of the power supply, if no correction is needed;

7. Plug in the power plug and close the main power switch to see if the light is normal. If there is a phenomenon that one side is bright and not bright, please disconnect the power supply first, unplug the plug, and check the lamp socket wire, whether the lamp is loose or not; Whether the input and output wires of the ballast are loose, etc.

8. If the whole light box is not bright, please check if the leakage protector is closed, whether the wire connector inside the plug is loose, whether the pressure input and output connectors are loose, etc.

9. If the leakage protector does not meet the potential, please check whether the power line enters, the ballast and the branch circuit under the lamp are leaking;

10. If there is too high noise in the light box, please check if the ballast is aging;

11. If the light box is bright or not bright, please check the starter, whether the terminals and plugs are aging, whether the lamp is in place or aging.


1. The operator must wear pure cotton white work gloves.

2. The outer surface of the light box is required to be wiped once every five days.

1) When wiping, use a pure cotton towel, toothpaste solution (toothpaste half box + 5 liters of water), and then wipe the toothpaste solution with water;

2) The endurance board is required to be wiped with a damp towel to prevent static electricity;

3) Brush the electric part with a brush and wipe the main power cord with a dry towel;

4) The back frame is wiped with a dry towel;

5) The light guide plate is wiped with a detergent solution (ratio 1:1000);

6) The light guide plate needs to be cleaned once a month;

3. The fixing bolts at the lower part of the light box are wiped once with oil every 30 days to prevent rust.

Note: Do not use a corrosive detergent to wipe the light box.


1, wall-mounted light box

1) Wall-mounted light boxes are forbidden to collide during transportation, and be handled with care;

2) Special storage shelves or crates are required for placement. The height of the overlap is determined by the height of the transport rack and the package, but the maximum is no more than 1.7 meters to prevent collision.

2, vertical light box

1) Vertical light boxes are prohibited from colliding or rubbing during transportation;

2) During the shipping process, it is required to be wrapped with packing tape, thickened upper and lower, glued with tape and then loaded;

3) When loading, squeeze them tightly, do not loosen, to reduce the friction between each other, prohibit collision or mechanical friction, damage surface paint or deformation.

Note: Both the above 1 and 2 are required to do rain and moisture proof work.